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In this tutorial i show you how to share your desktop on a LAN, you can use it to give remote technical support and control the computer remotely ...

In this tutorial i who you how to reset your windows password if lost it!

you will need a ubuntu Live CD or any live CD to access Hard drive ...

Hi the commands you will be needing are the following

\\NameofComputer\c$ to acces remote hard drive will ask for credentials

google for PSEXEC download it from microsoft oficial web page and paste it in to System32 folder

run: PSEXEC \\Na...

In this tutorial I show you how to see and modify all the information from a hard drive in a remote computer, you will need the credentials of the remote computer, computers need to be in the same network, administrator account active, windows firewa...

In this video tutorial ample blaze shows you how to search files and folders when using microsoft windows 7....

How To Change Your DNS On Windows
Google DNS:

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Here's a tutorial on making Windows 7 have a Alienware theme. You'll need rainmeter to do this. Links are below. Enjoy.

Rainmeter theme (widgets):

Skin (b...