Free Online Adobe Photoshop CS5 Video Tutorials

Category: Computer Software Sub Category: Graphic & Design Brand: Adobe Product: Adobe Photoshop Version: CS5

This is a brief but comprehensive Photoshop beginner tutorial on how to use layer in Photoshop.

Topics covered,

- Photoshop layer panel explained
- Creating a new layer
- Duplicating a layer
- Alternating layer position
- Layer visibility

It is possible to do manipulation by using the lighting effects in Photoshop. Check out the easy steps from here -

Just save your time during any kind of editing task in Photoshop by using the Keyboard Shortcuts. The following tutorial is going to show the Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts for Mac & Windows. The full tutorial is here - http://www.clippingpathspeci...

Skin retouching is the technique which can be done by dodging and burning tools as well as by frequency separation in photoshop. Check out the well written tutorial here

It is required to resize the images to use them in websites , lots process available there to help you out. Here is a tutorial which going to describe the 6 effective tips to optimize image in Photoshop. Full tutorial can be found here - http://www.c...

Ghost mannequin is one of the parts of image manipulation! The following step by step tutorial will let you know the whole process of Ghost mannequin and find out the full written tutorial from here

The following tutorial is going to let you know the process of retouching any portrait in Photoshop. The process includes retouching the background,adjusting the color,removing spots, blemishes and unwanted hair from skin,removing red eye,whitening t...

The following tutorial is going to illustrate the steps of removing background from any hair image in Photoshop. Check out the full version of this tutorial here -