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How to cut a circle in half by a variety of methods such as eraser tool as well divide etc in Illustrator

How to draw a diagonal line in Photoshop using the line tool and also using brush strokes.

In this video tutorial,

Ample Blaze Shows you how to disable adobe reader security settings for version 11 and above.
Sometimes you have third party software that is not recognized as legit software that you want to generate PDF's from and adobe ...

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In this video ample blaze shows you how to quickly find your system settings using windows 10.

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In this video tutorial, ample blaze shows you how and where in all Microsoft Office 2013 applications you can enable macros....

Microsoft offers official ISO images! Too bad nobody knows about them, the shown tool leads you to the direct downloads.
Link to the tool:

This is a (quite) complete tutorial on the basic functions of VirtualBox. It will guide you through the installation of VirtualBox, how to install systems and where to get system images for installation.

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Drawing Dogs is so easy you ever think. I used vector images to made this handwriting dog drawing animation. You can easily draw dogs in paper by watching this video and share with your friends. It's amazing and interesting method you have ever seen....