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Have you ever wanted to remove unfortunate spot or things from your photo?

Using Photoshop you can do this within few seconds, just you have to know how to do this properly. I am showing three easiest way to do this, just watch through the end of...

Do you want to draw more attention to your eyes?

Eye color is different person to person, its such like finger print and unique for every person.

Sometimes we want to change our eye color for fun or any other reason. But don't know how to do th...

Accidentally deleted your data from your device?

This cloud be worst nightmare if you don't know how to recover.

In this video I've shown a very easy way to recover deleted data. Also you can use this if your drive crashed somehow.

Here I u...

Hair color shows someone personality. Sometime we want to change it. You can use this technique for checking whether the color you choose is match with you or not....