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Have you ever found your iPhone stuck in the Apple logo screen, frozen, won't wake up from sleep or you simply can't get it to work? There are many ways to fix this issue and today we offer you a basic tip to get your iPhone up and running again.

Your iPhone is like a handy little computer. Like computers, it could suffer from the occasional freezing and lagging. There are many possible reasons why your iPhone has stopped working, all of which you can try to resolve by doing a force restart of your device. Now you might think, "How can I restart my phone when I can't even get it to do anything?" Today's quick tip allows to restart your device using the hardware keys, even if the buttons aren't responding or you're stuck in the black screen of doom. A force reset on your iPhone simulates a "battery pull", which is a common remedy for frozen phones with removable batteries.

Watch this short video to learn this simple hack and get your phone to start working again.

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