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Is your Samsung Galaxy S3 slowing down? Or the battery is draining pretty fast? You may have too many unwanted apps running in the background? Here's how to close them.

Whenever you close an app and return to the phone's home screen, the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn't actually close the app. Instead, it puts the app into sleep mode or continues to run the app within the background (where you can't see it). This is how your games return to where you left off when you reopen it, and also how you are still able to receive messages on Skype even though you are using WhatsApp.
However, when there are too many apps running in the background, it causes your Galaxy S3 to slow down and drains your phone's battery. To solve this little problem, all you need to do is simply close the unwanted apps that are running in the background with just a tap and a few swipes. It's that easy!

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