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If your phone's storage is full and you can't take any more pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S4, it's time to move your pictures to a SD memory card. Here's how...

With a 13 megapixel camera in the palm of your hands, you can get carried away taking hundreds of pictures with your Samsung Galaxy S4. By default, pictures taken by the Galaxy S4 are automatically stored on the phone's internal storage, even if you have a SD memory card inserted. When your phone's storage becomes filled, your Galaxy S4 will alert you that there is no more space available to take any more pictures. But you don't need to worry. If you have a SD memory card inserted on your phone, you can easily move some of your pictures unto the SD card to create more space on the phone's internal storage. Then, you can continue taking pictures of your most memorable moments with your Samsung smartphone.

Do you own a Samsung Galaxy S3? Learn how to move pictures to an SD memory card on your Galaxy S3 smartphone:

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